War Thunder это не просто игра, а вселенная, мы хотим рассказать и показать вам какой она удивительной получилась.

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Let's do a small review of War Thunder. This game is designed for real people for both professional pilots and shooting enthusiasts. Such detail you will not find combat aircraft, tanks and their control anywhere. In the game there is a huge fleet of winged cars and an equally impressive fleet of tanks. Different countries of equipment manufacturers (Germany, England, USA, USSR, Japan) we kindly offer you a choice of fighters, bombers, attack aircraft, as well as all types of tracked monsters, from light to heavy tanks.

War Thunder обзор

Место действия

Обзор War Thunder подсказывает нам, что все события происходят во времена Второй Мировой войны, и все боевые действия, в которых вы приняли участие, это реальные сражения, случившиеся в то страшное время. Даже карты воссозданы с реальных снимков спутника, разве что были внесены изменения, соответствующие тому времени. Это подтверждает одну из особенностей игры – максимальная реалистичность.

War Thunder обзор

Режимы пилотирования

The game has several game modes. "Arcade mode" it is the most popular among users. Your bird is easy to manage. Your task is to hunt the enemies. While enjoying an air shooter, you don't think about things like air temperature, humidity, pressure. While in other modes, this is extremely important. But more on that later. In PvP mode, you can make sure that how effective is a team game when you cover an ally or when help is flying to you at a difficult moment. As a team, you can achieve great victories!

here a lot depends On your ability to control the aircraft, not from the power of the machine. In addition, do not forget about the laws of physics, they have not been canceled. You must consider the following options a winged car, maybe some maneuvers should be abandoned, otherwise you will be smashed to the ground. But even here you will have the opportunity to return to the battlefield, because usually there are up to six cars in stock.

there Is a different, more realistic and more difficult game mode. These are "Historical fights". Management remains lightweight, but there are far fewer hints. For ammunition, you will need to return "home" and fuel periodically ends. Everything is made as realistic as possible. And you won't have any in stock aircraft, so in this mode you need to play as a team, carefully think through the strategy of the battle. Everything the tasks are extremely close to real historical events of that time.

But this game is also good for those, that it can be played by both beginners and real professionals. The "Realistic fights" mode is designed for for true pilots. Here you will need a joystick to control the plane, but the view from the cockpit will not make it easier your tasks. You need to control a lot of sensors and switches yourself, look out for enemies and try to kill them yourself, monitor the weather and temperature. Many players, those who consider themselves to be aces switch to this mode, but fail on takeoff, which leads to resentment of their team's allies.

War Thunder обзор

Game features

Making an overview of War Thunder, you can highlight many features and advantages of this game. Of course, this is Hyper realistic. In the cockpit or the tower of the tank, you can feel the full control of the equipment. All the damage done by you and you is as close to real as possible. Performing unacceptable maneuvers on an active aircraft may cause the fighter to lose consciousness and darken the screen for some time. The size of the maps where the fighting unfolds will surprise you. They usually reach up to 100x100 km. There are places to fly and ride. In addition, you can eliminate bridges, trees, and buildings in the game.

Another main advantage of the online game War Thunder is that 3 types of troops take part in one battle: aviation, Navy and army. This makes the game unique and opens up a huge field of possibilities for users. Developing the pilot's skills, his skills, and enriching your car with various ammunition or new features will help you win battles and influence the course of events.

the game is also called WT, var thunder, var Thunder< / p>

The review of War Thunder is coming to an end, but before you go to play, you should take a look at the minimum and recommended system requirements of War Thunder.

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